This is our absolute favorite place to go! It requires a minimum of 5 hours, but it’s well worth it! Ely’s Harbour is a sheltered Harbour in Somerset, Sandy’s parish on the western side of the island.

There are secluded islands with white sand beaches, mangroves, and beautiful rock formations – all in the same area! You can drop anchor near Palm Island, jump in the kayak and go exploring. Paddle quietly around the edges of the mangroves and try to spot the bright red land crabs zipping around. You might see a few birds in there as well and fish underneath.

Paddle to the unique rock formations called Cathedral Rock and see how lime stone mixed with wind and rain can create the most amazing shapes!

Paddle around Palm Island and Morgan’s Island. On the west side of the islands, jump in with snorkel gear and snorkel along the shoreline to spot sea anemones, juvenile fish and maybe a sea slug or octopus! On the eastern side of Morgan’s Island is an old abandoned sailboat run aground. Great spot for some Instagram worthy pictures!

Pull your kayak up on the white sand beach of Palm Island and explore the many secluded coves and shorelines. The beach on Morgan’s Island is beautiful to relax in the shade of a palm tree. There is a sandy bottom around these islands and at low tide you can walk from one island to another on the sand banks. Great spot for small children to explore while the parents zip a swizzle or two on the beach.

This really is our idea of paradise. Adventure mixed with relaxation. Come and let us take you here!