For many, winter is a time where you sit by the fire all bundled up with some hot coco. In Bermuda, however, it’s a time where you can be outside and enjoy hot coco while watching the magical light show of a Bermuda sunset. Bermuda is often thought of as just a summer destination, leaving locals to enjoy the magnificent Bermuda weather in the winter. Low humidity, blue skies and sunshine are common weather in the winter months.

Enjoy the calm waters of a clear December or January evening and watch the sun go down and the moon and stars come out. Those crisp winter evenings are breathtakingly beautiful. We operate all year around and will happily take you out on our 47’ catamaran Wyuna. Best time for a private sunset charter in the winter is 3pm – 6pm. Giving you time to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and see the sunset in its completion. We would love to show you a Bermuda sunset on the water this winter!