Bermuda is surrounded by stunning reef, stretching for miles offshore. We always relish the opportunity to show visitors this truly authentic Bermuda experience whenever we can. It’s so exciting to sail offshore, so peaceful. It makes you feel truly alive!

With mask, snorkel and fins provided by our attentive crew, you’ll jump into the crystal-clear waters of Bermuda, and immediately be immersed in the most stunning biodiversity. You’ll see schools of parrot fish, butterfly fish, bluehead wrasse, trumpet fish, sergeant majors and angel fish, darting here and there. Soft and hard corals abound.

6 hours + is an ideal charter duration for this adventure, and folks of all ages can do it as long as they are good swimmers and feel comfortable in the ocean. Our children learned to snorkel when they were 3 and 4 and have been actively exploring the ocean ever since. We would love the opportunity to take you and your family/group out to experience this with us!