Tom Moore’s Jungle is a known spot for adventure and exploring by many Bermudians. The formal name is Walsingham Nature Reserve. Located in Hamilton Parish, close to the Causeway leading to the airport, this area is one of the oldest parts of Bermuda with many endemic plants and cave systems still intact. You can visit Tom Moore’s Jungle any time of the year, winter or summer. We go all year around! It’s truly nature at its wildest – be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes/water shoes and bring a towel if you want to go swimming. If you are a tourist it might be a great idea to sign up with a tour guide like Hidden Gems, to show you the way around.

From the time our children could walk we have taken them trekking through the jungle, swimming in the caves, exploring new crevices and water systems. Our latest find is on the path adjacent to Castle Harbour. An easy climb takes you to the shallow water below, where you can walk in crystal clear, shallow water and explore the coast line. We found sea stars and sea slugs, much to the delight of our kids! It’s also a great spot to have a picnic.

And last but not least I have to mention Blue Hole Park which is located on the northern side of Tom Moore’s Jungle. Easiest access is straight form the main road by the beginning of the Causeway. Be sure to wear water shoes here and bring a towel as you’re going to get wet! For the brave ones you can jump off the side of the cliff into the deep blue lagoon or you can step into the water to the left of the wooden platform. Take the time to snorkel in this lagoon and head to the cave system on the western side. Great spot to explore and maybe even climb if you’re 9 and slightly wild! :0)