January can be a great time to go hiking in Bermuda, with low humidity, temperatures, and very often clear blue skies. One of our favorite places to go is Hog Bay Park, a large public park near Somerset Bridge that many visitors, and even locals, never experience!

You’ll start your hike through beautiful farm fields. One path in particular will take you all the way down to the western shore of the island. If you go at low tide, you can snorkel and lay off on the small, but stunning white-sand beach. On our adventure yesterday, we saw huge parrot fish feeding off the coral!

If you continue uphill along the path, you’ll come to a lookout spot, where you can see both inland, and across the pristine western shore. As you continue along the path it turns into something out of a Tarzan movie, and there’s even a cool spot where the kids can swing from the vines! Keeping left on the path will take you back to where you started. You can make this adventure as long or short as you want. Whatever time of year you go, it’s a good idea to pack snacks or a little picnic, so you can take your time and really enjoy wild Bermuda!