There are many caves systems in Bermuda, some on the main island, some on the smaller islands and some underwater. There is a particular cave on one of the smaller islands, Nellie’s Island in fact, that we have sailed past many times. Captain Dale and I always said we wanted to explore this cave so one day we did together with some passengers who were out on a private charter. 

It was low tide thankfully, which really is the only way you can experience this cave. When we first climbed into the cave it didn’t look like much. Captain Dale walked further into the cave to check out the back of it while I waited, standing in the shallow water by the entrance. As I was standing there I felt little pricks on my feet. At first, I kept moving my feet thinking it was sea weed but then I stopped and looked down to find 3-5 little glass shrimp all over my toes! They were busily cleaning my feet! :0) So I kept them still and more and more started crawling all over my feet! It was such a freaky feeling. Reminded me of the tubs of fish you see people stick their feet in, in Asia, for Asian pedicures. Except this one was purely Bermudian with authentic locals hard at work! I called Dale over and he sat down to receive the royal treatment of both feet and hands. 

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